Can a relative travel with me ?
We need to be informed of this at the time of the booking. Providing we have the capacity we are able to allow a relative to travel with you.

Do you have mixed gender staff?
Yes we have a team of mixed gender staff.

Are your staff handcuffed trained ?
Our staff are handcuff trained and ensure that this restraint is only used where absolutely necessary for the minimal amount of time as possible.

Can I take my luggage with me on the journey?
At the time of booking we need to know if there is luggage to be transported as we have limited space but we will try to accommodate this as much as possible.

What if I need to stop on the journey?
Each transfer we take is different, we will assess each transfer we do individually and take into consideration the safety of our staff and the patient and try to accommodate this. Water, and urinals are carried on board our vehicles if needed.