This can make it easier to deploy various 1st- and 3rd-party assets predictably. Don't repeat yourself! Instead of authoring two sets of CSS files, one for each language direction. css files will inject its content to the page via a <style> tag with HMR support. We used babel-plugin-rollup for our JavaScript and rollup-plugin-postcss for our CSS. auto option will determine whether if it is CSS Note: If you want to validate your CSS style sheet embedded in an (X)HTML document, you should first check that the (X)HTML you use is valid. 2. Feb 28, 2019 · The flying bird in this CSS animation example is very natural and vivid, making the entire website engaging and vibrant. Log into your website. CSS Minify Tool. Get Started Learn More. g. The Autoprefixer uses data on the popularity of browsers and support for vendor prefixes by browsers. 0 only support rollup v2, and the extract path based on bundle root the location of the generated file outside the bundle directory not allowed in rollup v2. [ext] (e. One of our goals when developing Pure was to make it extremely extensible. Peek: load the css file inline and make quick edits right there. It just extracts the CSS during the build into its own file, and would work with SASS etc. 0. /style. a year ago. They look like this: This plugin also enables: static assets references within <style> and <template>. However vite build always separates out the CSS into a separate Dynamically loading external JavaScript and CSS files. css. Oct 14, 2018 · Bundle Libraries With SCSS and CSS Modules Using Rollup. string - disables CSS Modules for all files and set the mode option, more information you can read here; object - enable CSS modules for all files, if modules. Fully editable files in AI and EPS formats. It also makes the CSS more difficult to read. Nov 21, 2019 · Travel Roll-Up Banner. This made generating multiple theme files not very straightforward, but wasn't too bad, once we figured it out. The only difference within the two, is that the browser-compatible version doesn't make use of process. If Entry. Repo Example Explained. What file is the CSS extracted as? The default file name is the name of the output JS file but with “. vue files, and is recommended. ( Ctrl+Shift+F12) Go To: jump directly to the css file or open it in a new editor ( F12) Hover: show the definition in a hover over the symbol ( Ctrl+hover) In addition, it supports the Symbol Provider so you can quickly jump to the right CSS/SCSS/LESS code if you already know the Defined in src/types. /src/main. Resolving dynamic imports that contain variables. Open Issues. By including Pure and writing some CSS on top of it, you can ensure that your site or app works across browsers, while looking truly unique. /custom"; /* or (if no See full list on github. Tufte CSS provides tools to style web articles using the ideas demonstrated by Edward Tufte’s books and handouts. What we can do for you. 26. You might want to safe more file size and using Windi CSS classes not scoped, but might want to choose this file by file. Options. Nov 02, 2019 · Since I was using PostCSS already & didn't want to add Sass unless I had to, I went searching for a tool. CSS Compressor. css file as an external and update rollup version from 1. CSS Modules are a great way to locally scope CSS to a specific component. Dynamically removing an external JavaScript or CSS file. output: ‘public / build / common. Note: There are tradeoffs to the following method, research your tooling before deploying to production. It is recommended by Google and used by Twitter and Taobao. You can set an index. There's no need to download or install any program because it runs in a web browser. To override these variables, you must be using a build system like Webpack or Rollup. I'm prototyping a single-spa which contains Vue apps built with Vite, following the very helpful example. Tufte CSS was created by Dave Liepmann and is now an Edward Tufte project. Stars. Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) allow web pages to get pre-rendered on Google at the cost of restrictions on JS and CSS, such as completely inlining all styles rather than using stylesheets in external files such as those hosted at the CDNs mentioned above. Run npm install spin. Being completely editable and customizable, this is also compatible in different file formats. Any modules inside will be bundled by rollup and the final output will be injected into the final HTML file. Add a path to all components you want to be split in the array. If I need to add a new component or remove a vendor library I’m not using anymore, I can do it in one place rather than having to track it down in multiple files. config. In this section, we discuss the minimal setup to create an LWC application using rollup. Provide clean CSS files to download. Jan 16, 2021 · Free 3 Rollup Mockups For Advertisement. JS bundling. js import '. Step 6: Build the output files. Step 5: Create a rollup config js file. You can also retrieve the processed CSS as a string as the module's default export. Separate files is good, since it makes it easier to use the same style sheet for multiple HTML files: you only have to write the style sheet once. You must double click the smart object layer and paste the design in new window, just save, close and get the desired result. All other actions perform automatically by the program. 'hidden' works like true except that the corresponding sourcemap comments in the bundled files are suppressed. These content CSS files can also be used as a template for creating a custom content CSS file for the editor. NODE_ENV to run development checks. css” as the extension. tag of an entry is not set then it will be determined How to bundle as single file in Rollup. The minified file version provides the same functionality while reducing the bandwidth of network requests. So the important values that are used are 0, 0, 16, 1. And many other other features, maintaining parity with Vue Loader . pcss'] This plugin will process files ending with these extensions and the extensions supported by custom loaders. Stylus See the jsDelivr combo handler documentation to learn more about its features. For my use case, it helps to build CSS and SCSS files into *. PostCSS configuration files will be found and loaded automatically, but this behavior is configurable using config Seamless integration between Rollup and PostCSS. js file directly in your CSS: CSS related options are now nested under css. If you use a module bundler or build tool, include an appropriate plugin to minify CSS files on every build: For webpack: optimize-css-assets-webpack-plugin. 29. Thank you for reading and see you in the next post. Calling rollup -c will build the package. The 762mm x 1778mm (30 inches x 70 inches) template allows you to add photos of your most popular destinations that will entice adventurers into your doors. js bootstrap. rollupOptions. Compression (code layout): Highest (no readability, smallest size) High (moderate readability, smaller size) Standard (balance between readability and size) Low (higher readability) Custom (enter below) Custom template. The CSS plugin also exports any images or fonts used. js and spin. You may also find that most of the things you’ve used variables for in the past can be replaced with Tailwind’s theme() function, which gives you access to all of your design tokens from your tailwind. For example, Apr 02, 2021 · We also need to minify the generated output files for distribution, which is done by the terser plugin. env. And then the app will only download that file when this import() is called. Vite aliases are also respected for CSS @import. Step 1: Go to CSS JS Manager >> Critical CSS setting Code examples of lit-element uses external css or scss file with rollup, webpack and parcel. Autoprefixer online — web repl for original Autoprefixer. However, in modern browsers it is also possible to directly load the module via a script tag: Code examples of lit-element uses external css or scss file with rollup, webpack and parcel. In emit mode none of the exports are available as CSS is purely processed and passed along the build pipeline, which is useful if you want to preprocess CSS before using it with CSS consuming plugins, e. We can use @rollup/plugin-multi-entry and provide appropriate file name patterns instead of having to add each of our components. Convert . The most widely used and popular size of roll-up banners is 1000mm (wide) x 2200mm (high). rollup. Scan Javascript files for CSS rules. css’, } Jul 12, 2019 · Rollup rollup-plugin-css-porter; Code coverage and unused code. 0 is now out with a bunch of exciting new features! Free Buttons helps you create 100% CSS rollover web menus and buttons with ease. A matching css file will block the page rendering whilst a non matching gets a lower priority by the browser to download and doesn't block the page rendering at all. We have styled the dropup button with a background-color, padding, etc. dropup class uses position:relative, which is needed when we want the dropup content to be placed on top of the dropup button (using position:absolute). js files respectively. Here’s how a developer would write a JavaScript file for usage in a website: Aug 29, 2018 · css(), vue({ css: false }), Explanation: css: false tells Rollup that the CSS is to be extracted into a separate file. Travel and tour agencies, this custom roll-up design template is for you. Now you can load different critical css for different pages or post or custom post type and optimize your site for speed. CSS is a first-class content type in esbuild, which means esbuild can bundle CSS files directly without needing to import your CSS from JavaScript code: files — an array of files found in the static directory shell — the client-side JavaScript generated by the bundler (Rollup or webpack) routes — an array of { pattern: RegExp } objects you can use to determine whether a Sapper-controlled page is being requested Sep 14, 2021 · Include CSS in a single JS file from Vite, for use in single-spa. Morphing Cube Animation. It loads the file as CSS syntax. Mar 21, 2012 · B purely decoded in Base64 is 1. All build-specific options are now nested under build. Illustrator. It allowed us to bundle our code in two formats: ECMAScript Modules (EMS) and CommonJS Modules (CJS). Then, you must install the following: Then, you must install the following: PostCSS - a system that allows you to transform your project’s generated CSS in various ways. npm install --save-dev lwc rollup @lwc/rollup-plugin @rollup/plugin-replace. These elements are not required for CSS to be used successfully. PostCSS configuration files will be found and loaded automatically, but this behavior is configurable using config This will inject the rollup output into a single index. ts file in your project: rollup. less into a file called styles. It didn’t work with the above configurations, and to achieve this I had to define that main. Tiny also provides content CSS files with the premium skins, for a list of premium content CSS files, see: Tiny Skins and Icon Packs. If not set then only the generated output of the input entries will be inserted without additional attributes. Those CSS files will be injected into the JS. Options extensions. It used to be the major way of controlling the layouts of every document and media files. 4. Automatically find unused CSS rules. Libraries can thus expose several import targets with optimized bundles. stylus), or pass your own function or regular expression Feb 05, 2019 · However, rollup has a hard time with outputting multiple css files. And finally we generate a minified output css by using the scss plugin. Next, add inside plugins: In order for the svelte assembly to work, you need to output these files separately as follows: scss ({. Repo Feb 13, 2019 · We setup our build system using rollup. import Vue from 'vue' import BotUI from 'botui' const botui = BotUI( 'my-botui-app' , { vue : Vue // pass the dependency. target. Rollup 1. I am not saying that CSS should not be bundled, I am wondering why it is bundled with JS. stylus), or pass your own function or regular expression Apr 18, 2019 · Now, if we take a look at our bundle. October 14, 2018. To load a . Automatically enable CSS Modules for files named [name]. You just select the button style from a host of excellent templates (Win7, Mac, iPhone, Glossy, Web2. Set a custom user agent for crawling your website. js', format: 'iife', sourceMap: 'inline',}; Let's talk about what each of these configuration options actually does: entry — this is the file we want Rollup to process Documentation for rollup-plugin-styles. 1 & CSS 3) to reduce CSS code size and make your website load faster. Not sure if it helps you. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. CSS # Importing . PREV. Sep 08, 2016 · Using the “roll-up” files (like __helpers. js), line 16 at column 1. ts:178. watch · bundle · rollup. json itself by In emit mode none of the exports are available as CSS is purely processed and passed along the build pipeline, which is useful if you want to preprocess CSS before using it with CSS consuming plugins, e. Time To Roll Up Our Sleeves. In the REPL on the Rollup site, the output shows that the imports are injected straight into the output file. Modern JavaScript bundlers (webpack, parcel, rollup) support importing CSS from JS files. Repo However, using a utility based CSS framework there is not much need to make sure classes do not override, since e. js import postcss from 'rollup-plugin-postcss' export default { plugins: [ postcss({ plugins: [] }) ] } Then you can use CSS files: import '. js. body { color: rgb ( 250, 0, 4 ); } CSS output. Code Beautifier: CSS Formatter and Optimiser. Use CSS Compressor to compress CSS (CSS 1, CSS 2, CSS 2. js'), { format: 'es'}). Another perk to this plugin is the CSS meta box you can find on each individual page. Type: string[] Default: ['. HTML as input. CSS Input. The rollup configuration file indicates to rollup the application entry There are two different esm builds, one for bundler consumers (e. body { color: lch ( 53 105 40 ); } CSS input. Repo Dec 20, 2016 · Simple CSS. That way, if within my JS I refer to styles. So as rollup turns every entry point to separate output chunks it would be great if there were a possibility to have the same for CSS instead of just generating one file which contains all the styles. PurgeCSS is a tool to remove unused CSS from your project. 1. Aug 27, 2021 · To minify JS, CSS and HTML files, comments and extra spaces need to be removed, as well as crunch variable names so as to minimize code and reduce file size. A set of options for injected records, where key is the name of the generated entry or chunk and value is a set of link or script attributes. I've got vite build to generate a single js file that single-spa can point to, and that's being loaded fine. It parses your CSS and adds vendor prefixes to CSS rules using values from Can I Use. Unlike with some CSS-in-JS solutions you are writing normal CSS and then import it in your component. The following build options have been removed since they can be achieved via plugin hooks or May 05, 2020 · Ultimately, reducing the amount of blocking CSS will always improve the time it takes to fully render the main content of the page (LCP). appendChild () to add the element to the desired location within the document tree. Download. License. Show a visual diff of the clean CSS file. Exit fullscreen mode. My entry file looks like this: Run npm install spin. Now that all the configuration is done, we can call the rollup command line script with various options. As Svelte components can contain component-local CSS, the result of the render() function also contains a css field (and also a head field). You can remove or add CSS file based on post type ; You can remove or add JS file based on page id ; You can remove or add CSS file based on page id; Manage critical css. PostCSS Preset Env, lets you convert modern CSS into something most browsers can understand, determining the polyfills you need based on your targeted browsers or runtime environments, using cssdb. I use a very simple template for all my statically generated HTML pages. 7. Using Pure with Google AMP. Later, we will put the HTML and the CSS in separate files. js', dest: 'build/js/main. tsv files into JavaScript modules with d3-dsv. Directly customize the underlying Rollup bundle. PostCSS configuration files will be found and loaded automatically, but this behavior is configurable using config option. To integrate with PostCSS. Explore responsive design rules and media queries. Size: 30×70 Inches, + Bleed. html file as rollup input. The mockups are designed in photoshop, which are totally editable. js file Seamless integration between Rollup and PostCSS. 🎉 v3. No config needed Start WMR in a directory with HTML files and we'll do the rest, automatically handling linked scripts and referenced assets. min. rollup + rollup-plugin-vue + scss + postcss. Design eye-catching and informative roll-up banner to help your gym promotions in promoting its fitness services with the help of the above template. Free tool to unminify (unpack, deobfuscate) JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XML and JSON code, making it readable and pretty. @import Inlining and Rebasing # Vite is pre-configured to support CSS @import inlining via postcss-import. . less -x styles. Also once it's split up you can use js to conditionally download if you want to save and bandwith. Using with postcss-loader Since vue-loader handles PostCSS on its styles internally, you only need to apply postcss-loader to standalone CSS files. manifest. js · Rollup Rollup is a module bundler for JavaScript which compiles small pieces of code into something larger and more complex, such as a library or application. Make sure to use the minified version of Vue. For Gulp: gulp-clean-css. For rollupjs, install the plugin: npm install rollup-plugin-scss. css, bar. From what I can see, rollup always handles bundling things together, whereas I want separate CSS files, all of which get their classes renamed identically during the build phase. scss) enables me to manage each aspect of the CSS on a much more modular basis. CSS cleaner, beautifier, formatter, tidy or call it whatewer you like, is a free online code optimizer that helps you clean up easily your messy style sheet files for websites. Click on the red Select More Files link to upload more than one file. Nov 08, 2020 · In my case, I wanted to just copy essential styles from themain. To get started, install the following packages first. But instead of directly calling it, we will instead set the commands corresponding to various scripts in the package. Paste your code or drag a file here. Repo This loader is enabled by default for . Can I name the file PurgeCSS is a tool to remove unused CSS from your project. Regularly check your website for changes. It's very simple to work with the program. ), which is located under /lib, and one for browsers with native support for ES Modules, under /dist/esm. js, or save the spin. Best of all, your CSS file size will remain tiny, which is a great thing for mobile users and others with slow connections. PostCSS configuration files will be found and loaded automatically, but this behavior is configurable using config For rollupjs, install the plugin: npm install rollup-plugin-scss. Tufte’s style is known for its simplicity, extensive use of sidenotes, tight integration of graphics with text, and carefully chosen typography. rollupInputOptions and rollupOutputOptions are replaced by build. Example Explained. then ( async ({ options, warnings }) => { // "warnings" wraps the default `onwarn` handler rollup-plugin-postcss. Nov 23, 2019 · Instead of specifying one index file, we're telling Rollup to use a number of index files. Subscribe to be notified as and when I upload new tutorials in the f Breaking change: v3. On my computer, I'm unable to reproduce this (desired) behavior. svelte file it is used. We instruct the rollup bundler using a rollup. css file dynamically, in a nutshell, it means using DOM methods to first create a swanky new " SCRIPT " or " LINK " element, assign it the appropriate attributes, and finally, use element. js and *. I added with npm install --save-dev postcss-import. css', '. Can I name the file Extracting CSS into a single file breaks treeshaking. To remove an external JavaScript or CSS file from a page, the key is to hunt them down first by traversing the DOM, then call DOM's removeChild () method to do the hit job. The actual extraction is done by the plugin ‘rollup-plugin-css-only’. It can be used as part of your development workflow. Repo Yes, click on the UPLOAD & COMPRESS FILE(S) tab and choose the CSS file you want to compress. auto option is not specified, otherwise the modules. rollup-plugin-lit-css. Rollup; The JS Jul 12, 2019 · Rollup rollup-plugin-css-porter; Code coverage and unused code. What does Rollup Plugin Vue do? This is a plugin for rollup that allows you to author Vue components in a format called Single-File Components (SFCs) . PurgeCSS comes with a JavaScript API, a CLI, and plugins for popular build tools. Then I added it to my postcss. sss', '. Jun 21, 2012 · But if you’re doing any custom CSS or jQuery magic, then knowing how to kick those FPS up a notch manually is useful. js or . Define and resolve aliases for bundle dependencies. This is how we instruct Rollup to perform code splitting. export default {entry: 'src/scripts/main. I found PostCSS-Import. // in main. Photoshop. In file rollup. May 05, 2020 · Minimal Rollup configuration that enables support for node modules, transpiles with babel, and can import SCSS files that creates a separate file. js import it: import scss from ‘rollup-plugin-scss’. It is an ideal option for some websites that are related to green products or offer travel services. js Documentation; 3. The above is a common Tailwind CSS setup with Post CSS based off the Tailwind CSS docs. Repo Tufte CSS. css, and also to minify the CSS output, you would issue this command: lessc styles. d. css’, } Documentation for rollup-plugin-styles. /my-other-file') statements in it. Most Recent Commit. 0 to 2. css files in your repository. Comming Up In the next rollup article, I will cover importing of the CSS and HTML files. View CSS code. rollupOptions # Type: RollupOptions. Instead, my output file has require ('. Free Buttons creates Dec 20, 2016 · Simple CSS. If you choose to upload and compress multiple CSS files they will be combined into one bigger script. Oct 07, 2019 · We will start with a style sheet embedded inside the HTML file. html file, generate a service worker and load polyfills using feature detection. This plugin allows you to enter CSS into a nice editor in your Dashboard without having to create any files or do anything else complicated. But for this step, we just keep everything in one file. I wonder why. com const loadConfigFile = require ('rollup/dist/loadConfigFile'); const path = require ('path'); const rollup = require ('rollup'); // load the config file next to the current script; // the provided config object has the same effect as passing "--format es" // on the command line and will override the format of all outputs loadConfigFile (path. These files are then injected into the HTML head tag (relies on style-inject) accordingly when the corresponding Components are being imported. We’re going to build a fun little slideshow that… uses hardware acceleration; to present five full-screen slides; of Feb 28, 2019 · The flying bird in this CSS animation example is very natural and vivid, making the entire website engaging and vibrant. Repo File Format. 3 (also update relevant packages to rollup lib) Aug 22, 2016 · Next, create a new file called rollup. false - disables CSS Modules for all files. 0, Vista) and type your text on a button. myclass , if myclass had gotten renamed to scoped-myclass by CSS modules for the original CSS file, for a second CSS file it would also get the same name. Stylus In webpack or rollup, you'll also need to import Vue. Repo The standard size of a roll-up banner is 600mm (wide) x 1700mm high) or at least 850mm (wide) x 2000mm (high). I only want to ship critical styles. 0 enables developers to code-split their library bundle. Just author the LTR version and RTLCSS will auto create the RTL counterpart for you! Get Started. esbuildTarget is now build. js file. scss. Next generation utility-first CSS framework. If you're using TypeScript and importing CSS and GraphQL files with the rollup plugins, make sure to add this declaration somewhere in a . This is the same as options that can be exported from a Rollup config file and will be merged with Vite's internal Rollup options. css'; Rollup config: import autoprefixer from "autoprefixer"; import commonjs from "rollup-plugin-commonjs"; import nodeResolve from "rollup-plugin-node-resolve"; import postcss from "rollup Feb 15, 2019 · CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) as it is known has been in existence for a very long time and helped in the formation of structured contents online. How does it work. Deletes the last semicolon in the block, @media rules and unnecessary white characters that make the file size bigger. You can select from 4 levels of compression, depending on how legible you want the compressed CSS to be versus degree of compression. js blog. resolve (__dirname, 'rollup. css'; Rollup config: import autoprefixer from "autoprefixer"; import commonjs from "rollup-plugin-commonjs"; import nodeResolve from "rollup-plugin-node-resolve"; import postcss from "rollup Jan 04, 2020 · In a static website, I want to serve single JS and CSS file instead of making multiple HTTP requests. Repo Hot reloading for modules, CSS and frameworks that stays fast as your project grows. The sizes might differ, depending on the type of paper you use, the theme, and the industry you work in. Using a config file allows you to share the same config between your normal CSS files processed by postcss-loader and the CSS inside *. Lets say I have 3 JS file as below: jquery. Windi CSS. Is this just to have everything in one file? Or is it just that you have one entry point for the bundler? Is this now common practice? example rollup. js at the root of the repository. webpack, Rollup, etc. css files. Less. js in the learn-rollup folder. View example Aug 29, 2018 · css(), vue({ css: false }), Explanation: css: false tells Rollup that the CSS is to be extracted into a separate file. I want to bundle into one bundle home. Automatically install dependencies that are imported by a bundle. Experiment with CSS, see the results live, and share your code with others Jul 21, 2021 · If you pass a file name into the import() function and then bundle this code with webpack, Parcel, or Rollup, the bundler will take that file, bundle it and all its dependencies and put the result into a separate compiled file. Add a rollup. build. css'. csv and . Our entry file look like this: Mar 13, 2019 · Rollup recently released its first major iteration. Integration with rollup. module. For the CSS files, see: tinymce-dist GitHub Repository - Content CSS files. CSSDesk is a online HTML/CSS sandbox. Code examples of lit-element uses external css or scss file with rollup, webpack and parcel. foo. The . css file into the bundle without using styles inside of the js library. CSS Cleaner - Free Online Beautifyer and Compressor. Sep 11, 2019 · So from the initial css file[1] it will search in your html files(for example)[2] and from there it will create a new css file[3] only with the style that you really used. js file the code should be a lot less readable :) If you compare the file before and after minification there should be an obvious size difference. emitManifest is now build. Hot reloading for modules, CSS and frameworks that stays fast as your project grows. Repo CSS related options are now nested under css. Nov 03, 2014 · For example, to compile styles. Importing a file CSS/Stylus /* Import from `node_modules` */ @import "bulma/css/bulma"; /* Local import */ @import ". Minifying CSS takes the beautified, well formed CSS code that you have written and removes the spacing, indentation, newlines, and comments. CSS-Code: CSS from URL: Code Layout. This tool allows you to easily compress the CSS, delete comments, convert font-weight to its numeric form, convert color names to their hex values. Minifyng CSS in itself is not the goal; it is only the means to an end, which is to ship just the right amount of code the user needs for the experiences they care about. Sets one space before !important and after colons. This then lets us know that line 1 (lines are kept count by the semi colons) column 0 of the generated file maps to file 0 (array of files 0 is foo. bundle. true - enable CSS modules for all files. So, in the name of science (and some good fun), let’s get our hands dirty. Inside, add the following. It wants to consume all the styles and either bundle them as one file or just inject them into head automatically for you. bg-gray-600 will always have the same CSS code behind it, regardless which . Repo We use CSS variables extensively within Tailwind itself, so if you can use Tailwind, you can use native CSS variables. For best performance and compatibility, it is recommended to use a module bundler such as Parcel, Rollup, or Webpack to create a production-ready code bundle. // rollup. . In this tutorial, I will show you how to easily link a CSS stylesheet to a HTML web page. Repo Extracting CSS into a single file breaks treeshaking. Apr 02, 2021 · Apart from rollup, we are also installing 2 more plugins here - one for converting scss to css and the terser plugin for minimizing the generated files. Enter fullscreen mode. This mockup is free to use in both personal and professional use. css'; Rollup config: import autoprefixer from "autoprefixer"; import commonjs from "rollup-plugin-commonjs"; import nodeResolve from "rollup-plugin-node-resolve"; import postcss from "rollup Extend. The easiest way is to install Simple CSS. The following build options have been removed since they can be achieved via plugin hooks or A list of rollup plugins compatibility for Vite v2. example webpack. A generic approach is to identify an external file to remove based on its file name, though there are certainly PurgeCSS is a tool to remove unused CSS from your project. js and it should bundled in correct order.

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